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Create Childhood memories that last a lifetime

Interactive adventures that are exciting for kids, fun for parents and good for the world

A mission arrives

A letter arrives with a call to adventure. You're briefed on the mission and interact with Wonder HQ through video and immersive storylines.

Solve the clues

Your child builds deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills as they tackle puzzles and clues to solve the mystery and save the day.

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Make a difference

Completing the mission creates a positive impact in the real world. This is woven into the story, so your child builds confidence knowing they can make a difference.

Operation: Ocean Rescue

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Spend quality time with your child where they become the hero of the story!

Exciting for Kids

Fun, mystery, excitement and the power to change the world, all rolled into one interactive adventure.

Fun for Parents

Create childhood memories that last a lifetime, while also supporting their learning and development

Good for The World

Your child's actions create a positive impact in the real world, building their confidence as they make a difference

What do Parents think?


A fantastic interactive adventure. Thoughtfully compiled to be user friendly. A great balance of interactive screen time & hands on educational fun. We can’t wait for the next adventure. Highly recommend!

Elisha Matters



I think all parents are trying to get their kids engaged and interested in activities which foster curiosity, provide real-world skills and keep them engaged. Wonder HQ does that, and you’ll find if your child is in early primary school, it will do all of those things. Absolutely give it a go.

Sharon Behen

My daughters reaction when she finished the mission was incredible. She was so proud of herself rescuing the animals. Can't wait for next mission

Lauren George



My son now thinks he is a secret agent! Was a lot of fun, videos and story was awesome, great way to keep him entertained for a couple of hours.


Primary School Teacher


My 7 year old thought this was the coolest thing he's done, and tells everyone about the time he rescued a stolen shark!

Jervis Bay, NSW

Ben Lancaster


My daughter really liked saving the animals and solving all the puzzles. Very nice touch that it actually helps protect marine wildlife as well.

Prue Steventon

Geelong, Vic